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Off Grid Solutions offers various alternatives to supply power to your home, commercial property or any project requirement.

In today's world, we all rely heavily on various forms of power, especially electricity, and increasingly it seems we cannot live a comfortable life without it. So what happens when you want to live in a nice quiet rural location, a long way from any power lines? What if your not comfortable paying for a service that primarily relies on burning fossil fuels? Well, you need to generate electricity at your location using any number of various means. Typically Solar, wind and hydro.

Harnessing this power, and managing what to do with it, is where Off Grid Solutions specialize.You'll need a complex system of charging, inverting, storage and generation, but this can all be taken care of with ease. We can design a bespoke system for specific applications or businesses, or we can supply an all in one connectable solution.

Energy Solutions are the leading off grid supplier in the UK and Off Grid Solutions are pleased to be able to offer their quality products to the Spanish market.

With an Office in Barcelona, Off Grid Solutions is ideally located to help you exploit the sunshine across the Mediterranean and use it's energy for your property.

We can cater for any project requirements you may have, whether you just want to buy an EasyGrid which you can connect plug and play to your existing equipment, or you need a full scale, self sufficient installation, Off Grid Solutions can provide consultation, advice, calculations and drawings through to supply and installation.

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