Hybrid Power Systems for Commercial Use


There are numerous commercial situations where mobile, emergency, start up or free standing power is required. We work with end users, contractors and businesses directly to ensure they get a power system that is right for their needs.

From the West End stage to the Olympic Stadium; from lighthouses to national museums these systems have supplied power that address each unique environment. Our experience across a range of industries and situations mean we are used to working to deadlines, within constraints and with unusual requests! We have the ability to deliver silent power which replicates the convenience of a mains connection to those areas where you simply can not plug in.

We can incorporate renewable energy wherever it is available which helps to further reduce ongoing costs and the carbon footprint.

EasyGrid – hybrid off grid power unit


EasyGrid hybrid power systems offer a convenient and efficient method of delivering power to any construction environment without a grid connection. Whether a site needs power for lighting, a welfare cabin or equipment our EasyGrid units will deliver power far more efficiently than a generator alone.

EasyGrids’ utilise generator power, and renewables if available, to store power in a sophisticated battery bank with a dedicated monitoring & control system. Delivering silent power from the battery when needed. The generator will only be started when loads demand more power or to top up the battery, significantly reducing emissions.


Available in five sizes, EasyGrid 3000, EasyGrid 5000, EasyGrid 10000, EasyGrid 30000 and EasyGrid 45000.

EasyGrid System

VariPower – variable speed generator power system.

Designed and built in the UK the unit addresses the increasing market demands for quiet power (a major factor in residential areas) with economical generator use. The units offer true variable power from the built in generator – it can run at any level between 900 and 2000 rpm; meaning it has two major advantages over a traditional generator. Firstly, economy -  It means that if the power demand is only low the unit can run at just 900 rpm, fewer revolutions mean the generator is using less fuel and creates less noise.  Secondly, longevity - the unit is not going to be worked so hard,  it will only be powering at the level required, therefore increasing the interval between generator services and renewals.


System Specifications:

  • Variable speed generator

  • Built in fuel tank

  • Batteries: 40 Kwh (Usable 21 Kwh)

  • Connect Solar: up to 4 Kw (Can be expanded with optional upgrade)