Hybrid power for off grid homes


Living off grid is a lifestyle choice for some, but an economical necessity for many. The electricity grid does not reach everywhere – and getting it extended to reach your dream property can be a surprisingly expensive proposition. There are thousands of homes across the country that struggle to get a constant power source. Many more homes suffer from regular power cuts when they are on grid.


Reliable Power

So how can you live a grid connected lifestyle without the grid? Well Off Grid Solutions can supply you with Hybrid power units with which home owners can utilise generator and renewable energy to power batteries that will deliver 24/7 cost effective power. The units are pre-configured and ready to install by a local electrician and will work with existing solar arrays and in most cases any auto-start generator.

If power cuts are your problem, an EasyGrid does not have to be connected to a generator, or solar, it can be used simply for a trouble free supply, maintaining a constant unbroken power feed.

It may be that you are already off-grid, running a generator 24/7 to supply power, well, one of these units will reduce the amount of time the generator is running by switching it off during low demand such as overnight, and utilising it more efficiently when it is running.

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EasyGrid – hybrid off grid power unit


The EasyGrid range brings off grid power solutions to homes and businesses without a mains grid connection at a reasonable cost. Rather than having to source separate components and have a bespoke system designed, the EasyGrid series offers a pre-configured, self-contained unit built from durable, high quality components; fully tested and ready to install. The EasyGrid enclosures are made from powder coated steel; allowing them to be installed either inside or outside depending on requirements. Suitable for installation worldwide the EasyGrid range addresses off grid power needs and can be installed by a competent local electrician.


So how does it work?

The EasyGrid units connect to your solar array, they also have a connection for a generator. The EasyGrid supply utilises energy from the solar array to charge the batteries, where energy will be stored until needed. The array then tops up the batteries as the power is used. The system can also support additional loads to those listed when connected to a generator. In addition, if a generator is connected and the batteries are depleted and no solar power is available, the system will send a start signal to the generator to provide power and charge the batteries.

Available in five sizes, EasyGrid 3000, EasyGrid 5000, EasyGrid 10000, EasyGrid 30000 and EasyGrid 45000.

EasyGrid System

Why choose an EasyGrid System over individual components?


We have many enquiries about the benefits of EasyGrid over individual component installations. We firmly believe that our all in one solution is the most robust, reliable solution you will find for off grid power, below are just some of the benefits an EasyGrid system can deliver to your project.

The EasyGrid system comes fully wired and configured.

Allows for easy installation of an off grid system saving you time and money; as well as confidence that all elements arrived fully tested and ready for immediate use.


Easy integration of renewable energy, wind and solar.

By integrating solar or wind power generation into the system you can cut down on your generator run time further, increasing your fuel saving even more.


Generator auto start connection.

A connected generator will turn on and off by itself. No manual intervention is required. This allows the system to run autonomously and seamlessly, giving you the closest equalivant to a grid connection.

IP55 powder coated steel enclosure with fork lift pockets.

It is completely weatherproof so can be kept outside and won’t take up valuable space, unit can be moved and transported easily.


Remote monitoring via built in Color Control panel

Allows you or our engineers to remotely monitor the system so we can check everything is working correctly or access the system should you ever experience a problem.


Quiet periods can be set via the Color Control panel.

You can enjoy silent power  – particularly useful at night.